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OOC: Jounin Exam Information

All right everyone. Sorry for the delay, real life sucks at the end of your graduating semester. But the Jounin exam is back in motion now. I'm going to explain the details of this round to everyone here, so people see it, but please make all action posts to THIS POST HERE.

The Chuunin have just received their mission scroll. The inside of the scroll reads as follows:

Mission Objectives:
1) Assassinate civilian target guarded by two enemy ninja. (See map provided for location of target.)
2) Obtain a scroll currently held by one of the enemy guards.
3) Finish objectives 1 & 2 and be back inside the gates of Konoha by sundown on October 3rd or you fail the mission.

(A map of the area roughly 100 miles west of Konoha (landscape heavily forested with sparse clearings and a river to the south) and pictures of Neji, Tenten, Lee, Gai, and Kurenai are provided. General stats on the enemy ninja are provided with their pictures.)

Aside from those you all are in charge of this part of the exam. It is the current Jounin (primarily Neji, Tenten, and Lee to provide the Chuunnin with a challenge, and if they start slacking I will be poking people profusely with Tenten's secrets weapon stash.

How you can fail this round: Failure to post. That is my stipulation. This round requires people to keep posting. So, if the game is stalled for more than two days from the time of the last post because someone is not posting then Random Shinobi #8409 will come and inform them they are eliminated from the round and will have to return to Konoha. If multiple people are able to answer and no one does, people will fail the test. I don't want to be mean, but this needs people to work and two days is plenty of time to post.

Other than that you have free reign of the exam. Have fun. If you have any questions go ahead and ask. And please tell me if you have Real Life reasons why you cannot post. I understand if something happens, but you have to tell me. Ok! Get to it!

ALSO! VERY IMPORTANT! Look at the calendar as there are weather changes during this time!
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