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October 5th

It had been some time since Sasuke had actually been taken into custody, but he wasn't particularly counting the days. They fed him, and he answered some questions, most of them redundant. Information about Otogakure was freely given, but the second his interrogators touched on more personal matters, they received nothing more than a glare from him and then silence.

There were threats and even a few minor injuries when he was particularly uncooperative, but he always won out in the end. After all, it was nothing compared to the daily training he did with Orochimaru, and it seemed that there were orders to refrain from torturing him.

The cell he was kept in had a few basic comforts - a bed, a bookshelf with a few fiction novels shelved on it, and a sink and toilet. While there wasn't a seperate room for the toilet and sink, someone had been considerate enough to slip a shade into his room at one point to allow the young Uchiha some small measure of privacy. An unnecessary, but still appreciated token.

Presently, he stood behind the shade, wearing pants, but no shoes or shirt. He splashed warm water onto his chest, red eyes falling on the series of generous scars that marred his flesh, courtesy of the battle with Itachi. Even though his vengeance was complete, he'd never truly be able to forget. The scars, both physical and mental wouldn't let him. He pulled on a shirt when he heard a knock at his door, then stepped out from behind the shade.

"Come in," he said, not that he particularly had a choice in the matter. It was a little game of politeness and courtesy, nothing more.

((OOC: I figured I'd set it after the jounin exams so that Sakura and Naruto would have the chance to actually come in and see him. Hope this post is okay.))
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