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[Sept 26th] Team 8 celebratory outing [Open to: all]

It was evening. Kurenai felt buoyant and at the same time depressed. Happy because she had managed to convince Neji and Hiashi that Hinata needed to get out and be with her team (at the very least). Neji had been reluctant to agree after Kurenai asked him not to come along, but it had been quite amusing to watch Hinata tell him he should spend some time with Tenten. (Of course, it would not have been politic to be amused at the other Hyuuga's expense, but still.)

Hinata was adjusting to her lack of vision, though it was more because of the bandages over her eyes than anything else. They wouldn't know how successful the operation was until the second, when the bandages came off. But Kurenai was proud at how Hinata was walking if not with confidence, then by herself, asking only that Kurenai help her if there was an obstacle to avoid, but for now she was keeping step with Kurenai.

She'd told the boys to meet them at a bar relatively close to the compound, well within Byakugan range because she knew Neji would be looking in, regardless. She knew he trusted her, but the concern was touching. She just hoped it wasn't smothering--another reason for this night out.

"How're you feeling, Hina-chan?"
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