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[Sept 26th] Team 8 celebratory outing [Open to: all]

It was evening. Kurenai felt buoyant and at the same time depressed. Happy because she had managed to convince Neji and Hiashi that Hinata needed to get out and be with her team (at the very least). Neji had been reluctant to agree after Kurenai asked him not to come along, but it had been quite amusing to watch Hinata tell him he should spend some time with Tenten. (Of course, it would not have been politic to be amused at the other Hyuuga's expense, but still.)

Hinata was adjusting to her lack of vision, though it was more because of the bandages over her eyes than anything else. They wouldn't know how successful the operation was until the second, when the bandages came off. But Kurenai was proud at how Hinata was walking if not with confidence, then by herself, asking only that Kurenai help her if there was an obstacle to avoid, but for now she was keeping step with Kurenai.

She'd told the boys to meet them at a bar relatively close to the compound, well within Byakugan range because she knew Neji would be looking in, regardless. She knew he trusted her, but the concern was touching. She just hoped it wasn't smothering--another reason for this night out.

"How're you feeling, Hina-chan?"
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"I'm fine, Sensei. Don't worry about me." Hinata was fairly used to finding people by sensing their chakra, and those she knew were easier to keep track of, so following Kurenai was simple enough. She still listened carefully to everything around her in case someone should cross their path or something got knocked over.

"And it's good to get out every once in a while. I've only been away from the compound a few times recently."
"Neji's not smothering you, is he?" she asked.
Perhaps before an answer could be given, the door to the bar burst open and Kiba stood there as proud and arrogant as he possibly could. He at least dressed relaxed, finding that a night with his team wasn't the time to be decked out as a shinobi.

He moved over quickly to throw both arms around the two most important women in his life (outside of his mom and sister) and gave Kurenai and Hinata one armed hugs. "Heya!" A bit happy? Yes, yes he is.
There wasn't much need in figuring out who had jumped on her. Even without chakra or even voice, Hinata could pick Kiba out by smell. Not that he smelled bad, just that he had a very distinctive smell of dogs that she had grown accustomed to. "Ah! Kiba-kun! Congratulations on passing the prelims."
"Indeed," Kurenai grinned. "Congrats."

She had had the same idea as Kiba; that is, she wasn't dressed like a shinobi. A loose, long-sleeved crimson shirt with a V-neck over black slacks and shoes. Her hair, unruly as ever, was tied back in a ponytail. Or most of it, anyway. She still had bits getting in her face.

"You and Akamaru doing well?"
"Akamaru's still restin'. Neji got him hard." That was the bad thing about sustaining damage in that form. He shook his head as he slid into a barstool on the otherside of Hinata, still keeping an arm draped over her shoulder. "Still can't believe I passed by givin' up. That's somethin' a Nara would do!".

He then peered at Hinata sideways. "How you doin'?" He could take a break out of his victory dance to make sure his teammate was doing fine.
If she had been able to look around, Hinata would have felt slightly out of place. Even her least formal yukata was formal enough for the clan heir, so the dark blue kimono Neji had picked for her contrasted with Kiba's casual attire. Not that she would have cared if she knew.

Hinata slid her arms around his torso and gave him a reassuring hug. "Don't worry about me. I'm doing fine."
Kiba blushed when her arms went about him, but he didn't do anything else. He returned the hug, though lightly. "Ain't gonna happen."

He glanced around. "So where's bug-boy? Ain't he supposed t'be here?"
"I'm sure he'll be along shortly," Kurenai replied. Now that they were insided and seated, Kurenai went ahead and ordered herself a Sex on the Beach. "What do you two want? I'm buying."
Drinks, however, could not be safely purchased until the designated here-because-it's-team-time-and-not-to-get-drunk member had arrived. Which he did promptly, if not in the most hurried manner possible.

Shino's arm was still partly bandaged, more to remind him not to move it too fast than to keep anything in place. His ribs, happily enough, were in better condition, and he was once again walking like a normal human being. A few dark specks scampered over his skin now and again, a happy little reminder that his body cared about him and forgave him for letting it get slammed repeatedly into the ground by the man with horrifying eyebrows.

His most often blank face twitched into a grin at the sight of those already assembled. One hand left his pocket to push his new glasses on more snugly as he made his way over, feeling no need to introduce himself verbally.
"Shino!" Kurenai waved him over, and winced inwardly at his bandages. Neji caused internal damage, but Lee caused external... How was it that her boys managed to end up fighting two of the strongest Jounin in Konoha? It made her own exploding-tag-to-the-back seem much less of an injury. All of her other wounds had been superficial in comparison.

"Order what you want, I'm buying to celebrate your and Kiba's victories. How're you feeling?"
"Shino-kun! You need to remember to say something around me for a while," Hinata scolded playfully. This was of course said as she detached herself from one teammate and hopped up to hug the other. She was much better at moving around on her own, and the few bugs she felt greet her as she hugged Shino was a nice reassurance she'd grabbed onto the right person. Never can be too careful.
The smile twitched higher on Shino's lips as he pulled his good arm around Hinata for a brief hug. His not-quite-as-good arm twitched a little, starting to move against the bandages but held perfectly still. The movement caused another brief flurry of kikai action over his skin, a few brushing against Hinata for a moment before directing their attention to his arm again.

"I'm fine," he nodded to the sensei, figuring the hug was enough of an apology for not speaking and that all direct questions were best answered. Satisfied that both women were in tact and happy, Shino spared a silent glance for Kiba.
Kiba ordered whiskey for his drink. He had a taste of the non-Fire country brew from his sister a while back and liked the bitter, burning taste. And if Sensei was buying, then all the better!

He was quiet while Shino and Hinata greeted each other, and he was assessing the damage on Shino. For Kiba, his wounds were simply shown to be bruises here and there, though a concentration seem to be in the neck area, and they could be seen disappearing into his shirt. Shino would recognize the bruising pattern. Those were Jyuuken wounds.

"Yo, Shino. Glad t'see ya up and walkin'," he said, figuring he'd at least wait a bit before goading his teammate into something.
"Good to see all three of you are doing well." Sakura leaned against the bar, nodding to Kurenai and sneaking a mednin-glace at Hinata. Relaxing, she smiled when she noticed that Hinata seemed to be enjoying herself.

"How're you feeling, Hina-chan?"
"Sakura-chan! I'm doing fine so far. But how are you? You fought against Gai-sensei, didn't you?"
"I did. Left him a little worse for wear, but he should be back to his usual youthfulness by now." She grinned, and took a drink of her tea. "Looks like your boys didn't fare as well as I did, though."
Another tiny smile started to steal its way across Shino's face, but was promptly arrested as his eyes flicked over the familiar bruising patterns. His bandaged arm twitched again. Thankfully, the fact that he couldn't move it more than a centimetre or two prevented him from reaching up and petting Kiba understandingly. Slightly aloof lack of involvement; maintained. The little look was there, though, and he was quite sure his teammate understood that it meant 'Glad you survived too. Feel better soon.'

The look he swiveled around on Sakura was slightly less readable. His eyebrows hardly twitched, and his mouth stayed in its usual straight line. It was nevertheless a look, which a teammate would have been able to read as something like annoyance and curiosity. Making a few little mental connections which would undoubtedly lead to a logic-jump for all those who couldn't read his mind, he asked passively, "Do you know how Lee-san is doing?"
"The damage to his inner ear is throwing him off like mad. Plus the damaged sustained from the kikai's tunnelling and gnawing on his chakra pathways will be a pain to fix, but he'll be fine. Once he's been worked on, that is." Sakura shrugged. "Between Hinata and the exams, our best medics are a bit short on chakra. It'll take a couple days for complete recovery, then we can get everyone back to normal and on their feet again, as it were. But yeah, he'll be fine."
"You all should get a vacation after the exams then, Sakura-chan," Hinata said, returning to the seat she had next to Kurenai.
"That sounds like a beautiful plan, Hina-chan. But I don't think the Hokage and her two aides can all just run off on such short notice. Not that it's ever stopped Tsunade-sama from taking her breaks every now and then, but it's usually not advised if we all run off together." Sakura laughed softly, nursing her glass of tea.
"What, afraid the village will fall apart during your absence?" Kurenai teased.
"Well, considering Shizune does the brunt of the paperwork, it might be a bit problematic." Sakura grinned as she shrugged.