Shana (angel_drake) wrote in rp_no_jutsu,

OOC - Reminder

This is just a reminder to everyone in the jounin exams that you MUST have your fights FINISHED by Wed. March 15th. I really don't want to disqualify anyone for missing the deadline, so please get to work there. We already have one done, and I know of two more in progress.

If you cannot get ahold of your jounin by IM or E-mail TELL US! If you don't we can't know you are trying to do it. You will not be penalized if it is your jounin who does not respond.

As such, all Jounin please provide prompt responses to the fight (as real life allows) in whatever form you and your chuunin have decided to do the fight.

Good luck and get them into this post by Wed.
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