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September 18th - Early/Mid Morning

((Open to Hiashi, Neji, Tsunade, Shizune, and Sakura))

Hinata sat on the hospital bed, dressed in a light-blue yukata, and waited anxiously for Tsunade and who ever else who would be working on her to arrive. In her lap her thumbs tapped together at a furious pace, the only outward sign of her anxiety. This surgery would basically decide whether Hinata would ever see again. Byakugan wasn’t even a factor today, just sight. But then, seeing would be wonderful even if she never regained the use of her bloodline.

The only thing that kept her mostly calm was Neji’s presence near her. Since losing her sight Hinata had come to be able to pick Neji’s chakra out of anyone elses, and right now he was acting as an anchor to her. Further away she could feel Yumi and Hotaru’s chakra, though they felt slightly more alien and she couldn’t pinpoint their exact position, though she was getting more precise even in her generalizations.

The only chakra that made her slightly nervous still was off to the side, her father standing silently in their wait. To be honest she was rather surprised Hiashi had decided to accompany them. After confessing to him about her relationship with Naruto Hinata hadn’t expected him to speak with her again until he was fully prepared to scold her. Hinata wanted to believe that he came because he was concerned for her. She still desperately wanted to believe that. The problem was...she didn’t.
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