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Welcome to Roleplay No Jutsu, the Naruto roleplay of all the lovely writers at Fanfic No Jutsu. This is set roughly five years in the future from the start of the series, making all the rookie genin in their later teens. There is no set plot, and except for the occasional mission, no real obligations, and a lot of freedom.

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OOC: Modliness [Saturday
05.06.06 @ 6:20pm]

I am rather disappointed at the lack of progress with the jounin exam. It is very hard to kick people out of the game for not posting if the team doesn't even leave Konoha.

Though I don't like doing this, I think for the progression of the game I am adding another time stipulation. The team must have choosen a leader and be out of Konoha (nothing else, just leave the village) by Tues. May 9th at midnight (so basically Wed) or I will disqualify those who are not posting and holding up the game.

I'm sorry to have to do this. After you leave Konoha the simple two days holding up the game rule will apply as I previously stated.



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OOC: Jounin Exam Information [Sunday
04.30.06 @ 9:30pm]

All right everyone. Sorry for the delay, real life sucks at the end of your graduating semester. But the Jounin exam is back in motion now. I'm going to explain the details of this round to everyone here, so people see it, but please make all action posts to THIS POST HERE.

The Chuunin have just received their mission scroll. The inside of the scroll reads as follows:

Mission Objectives:
1) Assassinate civilian target guarded by two enemy ninja. (See map provided for location of target.)
2) Obtain a scroll currently held by one of the enemy guards.
3) Finish objectives 1 & 2 and be back inside the gates of Konoha by sundown on October 3rd or you fail the mission.

(A map of the area roughly 100 miles west of Konoha (landscape heavily forested with sparse clearings and a river to the south) and pictures of Neji, Tenten, Lee, Gai, and Kurenai are provided. General stats on the enemy ninja are provided with their pictures.)

Aside from those you all are in charge of this part of the exam. It is the current Jounin (primarily Neji, Tenten, and Lee to provide the Chuunnin with a challenge, and if they start slacking I will be poking people profusely with Tenten's secrets weapon stash.

How you can fail this round: Failure to post. That is my stipulation. This round requires people to keep posting. So, if the game is stalled for more than two days from the time of the last post because someone is not posting then Random Shinobi #8409 will come and inform them they are eliminated from the round and will have to return to Konoha. If multiple people are able to answer and no one does, people will fail the test. I don't want to be mean, but this needs people to work and two days is plenty of time to post.

Other than that you have free reign of the exam. Have fun. If you have any questions go ahead and ask. And please tell me if you have Real Life reasons why you cannot post. I understand if something happens, but you have to tell me. Ok! Get to it!

ALSO! VERY IMPORTANT! Look at the calendar as there are weather changes during this time!
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October 5th [Sunday
04.23.06 @ 5:01pm]

[ mood | blah ]

It had been some time since Sasuke had actually been taken into custody, but he wasn't particularly counting the days. They fed him, and he answered some questions, most of them redundant. Information about Otogakure was freely given, but the second his interrogators touched on more personal matters, they received nothing more than a glare from him and then silence.

There were threats and even a few minor injuries when he was particularly uncooperative, but he always won out in the end. After all, it was nothing compared to the daily training he did with Orochimaru, and it seemed that there were orders to refrain from torturing him.

The cell he was kept in had a few basic comforts - a bed, a bookshelf with a few fiction novels shelved on it, and a sink and toilet. While there wasn't a seperate room for the toilet and sink, someone had been considerate enough to slip a shade into his room at one point to allow the young Uchiha some small measure of privacy. An unnecessary, but still appreciated token.

Presently, he stood behind the shade, wearing pants, but no shoes or shirt. He splashed warm water onto his chest, red eyes falling on the series of generous scars that marred his flesh, courtesy of the battle with Itachi. Even though his vengeance was complete, he'd never truly be able to forget. The scars, both physical and mental wouldn't let him. He pulled on a shirt when he heard a knock at his door, then stepped out from behind the shade.

"Come in," he said, not that he particularly had a choice in the matter. It was a little game of politeness and courtesy, nothing more.

((OOC: I figured I'd set it after the jounin exams so that Sakura and Naruto would have the chance to actually come in and see him. Hope this post is okay.))

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October 1st: 3:50 am [Wednesday
04.19.06 @ 10:03pm]
[Random Shinobi #3746] Jounin Sakamoto Yuki arrived at the West Gate and waited for the team he was assigned to give orders to. He was glad they had to arrive on time, it meant he wouldn't be waiting long.

((Let the Jounin Exam begin! Get your little characters in here by Sunday at midnight or you are counted late and will be disqualified from the exam.))
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September 30th [Wednesday
04.12.06 @ 7:10pm]

Please come to my office immediately to receive your instructions for Round 1 of the Jounin Exam.

((This is to be done in a dialog-only format so that it moves quickly.))
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September 30th: Announcement [Wednesday
04.12.06 @ 7:00pm]
Jounin Exam: Round 1

All Chuunin who passed the Jounin exam preliminaries are to meet at the West Gate at 4:00 am tomorrow, October 1st, prepared for travel and combat.
You will recieve instructions once you arrive.
This will be a timed, team test.
Arrive on time.
Anyone who fails to arrive by the instructed time will be disqualified, without question.
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Calendar: October [Wednesday
04.12.06 @ 6:53pm]

Ok guys, time to get back to posting! To start it off, here is the calendar for October. Please check it as there are weather notices you will need to note if you are in the Jounin exam.

EnjoyCollapse )

Now begins my spamming of your friends page.

[Sept 26th] Team 8 celebratory outing [Open to: all] [Monday
03.27.06 @ 10:05pm]

It was evening. Kurenai felt buoyant and at the same time depressed. Happy because she had managed to convince Neji and Hiashi that Hinata needed to get out and be with her team (at the very least). Neji had been reluctant to agree after Kurenai asked him not to come along, but it had been quite amusing to watch Hinata tell him he should spend some time with Tenten. (Of course, it would not have been politic to be amused at the other Hyuuga's expense, but still.)

Hinata was adjusting to her lack of vision, though it was more because of the bandages over her eyes than anything else. They wouldn't know how successful the operation was until the second, when the bandages came off. But Kurenai was proud at how Hinata was walking if not with confidence, then by herself, asking only that Kurenai help her if there was an obstacle to avoid, but for now she was keeping step with Kurenai.

She'd told the boys to meet them at a bar relatively close to the compound, well within Byakugan range because she knew Neji would be looking in, regardless. She knew he trusted her, but the concern was touching. She just hoped it wasn't smothering--another reason for this night out.

"How're you feeling, Hina-chan?"
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Jounin Exam: ANNOUNCEMENT [Sunday
03.19.06 @ 1:44am]
Results for the Jounin Exam preliminary matches are in. Those proceeding to Jounin Exam please assemble at the academy Room 305 on October 1st at 4 am [IRL Date: TBA] for the first of two rounds that make up the Jounin Exam. Failure to arrive on time will result in immediate elimination. All information regarding Round One will be provided at that time.


Preliminary Match Results

Aburame Shino vs Rock Lee: Passed

Haruno Sakura vs Maito Gai: Passed

Inuzuka Kiba vs Hyuuga Neji: Passed

Uzumaki Naruto vs Yuuhi Kurenai: Passed

Yamanaka Ino vs Tenten: Passed

October 4th [Monday
03.13.06 @ 10:02pm]

[ mood | bloody hell ]

Someone, somewhere, had to be dying of laughter.Collapse )

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OOC - Reminder [Friday
03.10.06 @ 1:03pm]

This is just a reminder to everyone in the jounin exams that you MUST have your fights FINISHED by Wed. March 15th. I really don't want to disqualify anyone for missing the deadline, so please get to work there. We already have one done, and I know of two more in progress.

If you cannot get ahold of your jounin by IM or E-mail TELL US! If you don't we can't know you are trying to do it. You will not be penalized if it is your jounin who does not respond.

As such, all Jounin please provide prompt responses to the fight (as real life allows) in whatever form you and your chuunin have decided to do the fight.

Good luck and get them into this post by Wed.

September 18th - Early/Mid Morning [Sunday
03.05.06 @ 11:34pm]

((Open to Hiashi, Neji, Tsunade, Shizune, and Sakura))

Twiddle your thumbs at the hospital.Collapse )
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Sept 22nd [Sunday
03.05.06 @ 2:06pm]
Memo no jutsuCollapse )
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September 24 - Jounin Prelims [Saturday
03.04.06 @ 11:43pm]

((You have till March 15th to get your fights to this post. I have several empty comments created incase you cannot post the fight all at once. You can do it in this post, but please use the created comments so that when others post it will not interfere with your fights. Contact Info is updated))
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Septemeber 22 - ANNOUNCEMENT [Saturday
03.04.06 @ 11:39pm]
This is an official announcement to all Chuunin registered for the Jounin exams. Preliminary matches will be held on September 24th. ((A separate post will be created for this.)) The preliminary matches will consist of all registered Chuunin fighting against a current Jounin. Match listings are posted below. Failure to show up or win the fight will result in immediate elimination.

((You MUST finish and post your match to the Prelims thread by March 15th in order to advance. If you fail to do so you will be eliminated from the Jounin exam. If you cannot reach your designated partner on IM then e-mail them. If you still cannot get in touch inform a mod BEFORE March 15th. Contact Info is updated))

Preliminary Match-Up

Aburame Shino – Rock Lee

Haruno Sakura – Maito Gai

Inuzuka Kiba – Hyuuga Neji

Uzumaki Naruto – Yuuhi Kurenai

Yamanaka Ino – Tenten

((All matches were done by random dice roll.))
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Sept 15th, noonish [Thursday
03.02.06 @ 12:01pm]

[Open to Team Gai & Hinata]

Neji sat in a modified chair (modified as in it had no legs, but still the seat, back, and arms) next to Hinata's futon, reading a book. Hinata was still asleep, for which he was grateful. Knowing she was getting the rest she needed had done wonders to soothe his own temper to the point that when Isamu and Osamu came in to check on Hinata before they went on duty, Neji didn't snarl at them when he returned their greeting. And when the food trays for he and Hinata were brought, he kept his gaze icily civil instead of outright glaring.

In no way, however, did it mean he wasn't still volatile. Hiashi-sama did his periodic look-ins via Byakugan. The fact the bastard wasn't man enough (or father enough) to come check on his daughter in person scraped at Neji's anger.

He would get a message to Hinata's team to let her know she was sleeping, and also quelled the bit of jealousy he felt at the mother-figure Hinata had in her sensei.
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September 17 - evening/night [Sunday
02.26.06 @ 9:21pm]

The Hina-bunny has a confession to tell Daddy-dearest!Collapse )
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September 14th - Evening [Thursday
02.23.06 @ 3:49am]

Sleepy Hyuuga AngstCollapse )
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September 18th - ANNOUNCEMENT! [Wednesday
02.22.06 @ 10:53pm]
This is a formal notice to all registered Chuunin. The Jounin Exam has been scheduled to begin on October 1st. All Chuunin who wish to participate must register ((reply in this post)) with their name, age, and any specialized training.

Chuunin have until September 22nd ((IRL: March 1st)) to sign up. Preliminary elimination will occur on September 24.

Good Luck.


((OOC: You have one week to register for the exam. Only those characters signed up in this post will be planned for participating in the exam.))
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MODLINESS [Wednesday
02.22.06 @ 10:27pm]

Ok, to start I'd like to welcome Sarah (vampireifurita) who is our new GAI and congrats to Lex (evilwildlex) who snatched up our angsty little SASUKE. Contact Information has been updated.

Yey for them!

Alas, though, we lost Temari (Janna).

As such, we have a snag on the kunoichi mission. We mods decided to do a time jump to the end of the week (to roughly around the 18th) which will be after the kunoichi mission. It is not cancelled, but will be worked once we have all the characters.

As such the jounin exam was scheduled to commence after the kunoichi mission so that will be coming up. There will be due dates for posting rounds in that so that it moves continually. It will give reasonable time, but failure to finish a round by the due date will count as failing the Jounin exam. More information will come on the details of the exam.

Thank you.


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